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Deseja algo enquanto espera?

Transcrição: Chefe [falando com o Suporte]: Tem uma pessoa na recepção aguardando pra falar com o Gérson. Chefe: Veja se o visitante deseja algo enquanto espera. [Depois…] Suporte [para o Visitante]: Aceita uma dose de morfina? Todas as tirinhas com o Gérson. Deseja algo enquanto espera? é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.…

Bad Games Done Quickly

Click for full size I wanted to use Fallout 76 or Might Number 9 has examples but I feel like I always bash those games so I went with something different this time. Daikatana would also work I guess but most people may not know about this at this point and honestly, lots of games of its age may look bad by today’s standards.… is a website about gamedev, tech, blog, personal shared space unshackled from bullshit.

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“Rather a painful ending than an endless pain."