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UE4 ShowdownVR for Oculus Quest

UE4 ShowdownVR For OculusQuest

In 2014 Epic Games presented ShowdownVR, created using Unreal Engine 4, at Oculus Connect. The demo got praised for the incredible visuals and graphics while running at 90 FPS and 1080×1200 per eye resolution. RoadToVR Epic Games Releases ‘Showdown’ UE4 VR Demo, Compatible with Rift, Vive, and Morpheus Article

Showdown Cinematic VR Demo by Epic Games | Unreal Engine

In 2015 Epic Games released the UE4 project source code and assets of ShowdownVR for free ( Thank you! ), announced in this UnrealEngine blog post : Showdown Cinematic VR Experience Released for Free!

ShowdownVR free project files can be found and downloaded at Unreal Engine Marketplace : Showdown VR Demo .

The project is current listed to be compatible with “Oculus DK2 and above, Sony PlayStation Morpheus and HTC Vive SteamVR on high-end PC’s.“.

Since I’ve just got a brand new Oculus Quest and had my share of learning studies about UE4 Packaging and distribution, I tried to package this project to Oculus Quest and to my surprise it did run on the 1st try! The project need a touch of care to fix some textures and the smoke trail that isn’t compatible with OpenGL 3.1 and some improvements on the framerate but overall it worked great. I’m sharing it here if anyone else is interested in try it out.

UE4 ShowdownVR for Oculus Quest Download Link .


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