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Portable GIT Server for GameJams?

RaspberryPi GIT Server

During this video of Unreal Engine 4 for GameJams (video below) one of several interesting points is the suggestion of using a version control server to manage the files and updates between the various team members and avoid risks of wasting time and work because someone updated an old code / art and killed the current version.

I was thinking that it is indeed very important not only for the team but also for all of GameJam, if it is a remote team this is not a problem because everyone will be on the internet anyway, but if it is a GameJam on the site and the internet access is not good enough the team will spent a lot of time trying to commit / refresh files to / from the server, even more with the projects in the Unreal Engine consuming more than 500MB even when empty and freshly started, if we include arts and music the work folder will get into the GBs in a few hours.

Usually this would not be a problem besides the Internet I also have my local GIT server at home, but it seems that some GameJams in Lisbon are common to take notebooks and work on the spot.

I will note this idea for “future projects” to mount a RaspberryPi3 + SSD + Router and turn it into a Portable GIT Server, I have the pieces left over here but I will need to investigate if it would work well, would quickly serve files even with multiple connected users, if it is possible to create users easily, etc. It’s something simple to put together and maybe it could be very useful.

I know I could just open a GIT server on the notebook itself, but with Unreal running, compiling, testing, the machine would be pretty overloaded.

Portable GIT server

UE4 for Game Jams | Live Training | Unreal Engine

About Source Code Control starts at 06:20 Mark .


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