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I have so many projects, ideas, lists of things to do in 2019 that could be enough to fill the entire year. But something was seriously missing, each project could be published on internet platforms that provide a fragment net of services and piecemeals resource, even worst is the fact that plenty of this services are somewhat hidden from search engines and whatever knowledge shared would be segmented to that specialized community and platform.

What I mean is “If I want to…”: publish a small game =; share a game source code = GitHub; talk about the development = Blog; share a small prototype = ?; broadcast live the gamedev = Twitch; share videos of the gamedev = Youtube; and so on….

So, in a really traditional way of mine, instead of start small and go big, I decided to create my own space and platform where I can be free and gather everything all I need in a single place, here at DFX.LV.

All other platforms are still valid and will be used a lot, but each will receive only the respective specialized content.

Cheers to the launch of the DFX.LV Alpha Stage!


Comments are welcome.

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